Ogulcan Arslan was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1992. In 1941, at the outset of the Second World War his grandparents moved to Turkey from Macedonia. Arslan was raised by his Macedonian emigre parents, both whom were interested in arts. Arslan’s work is informed by his dissident background, encompassing the themes of displacement and identity, the clash of social norms and disturbing realities.

Currently at Marmara University's Department of Photography, Arslan's recent work on Afghans living in Istanbul was published in Ara Guler’s Iz Magazine and several other international outlets. He has been an invited speaker at SALT Galata’s seminars on ‘Migration’ and has been participating a 4-month long intensive workshop in Diyarbakir on the theme of Youth.

Arslan's first dummy photobook UNSAFE has been shorlisted for photobook awards at FUAM 2018.