Glitch on my head


Our story is written with the aspect of our memories and dreams have given us. Knowing that time perception is created by us, we should realize that the fact of reality is created by one of us also. In that case, who can justify what is real and what is not? While our bodies sway from side to side, can the numbers which are carved on our wrists out back our souls to the same cage in order to help us to be found when we get lost? Who else can know what triggers our subconscious when we overreact even to a small incident? Sometimes a couple of raindrops which touch the branches of a destroyed tree due to ill-tempered waves of a furious sea can cause our souls to get lost on earth. If what we see are similar to what we show, you may seen and lived them once before. At times it’s a cat looking to a pair of dogs on leash from the depths of a house or the blurred vision of the city from far away which cause us to get lost on earth.

Well then, can they put our souls into that cage with those numbers carved on our wrists once more? I don’t think so!